Homecoming Dance Enjoyed by All

Thanks for coming out!  And if you missed it, no worries, we will be back with another show soon.  Special thanks to Dr. Facemelton for the photo and to TELE’s Dad and Enoq’s mother in law for guarding the spawn while we were crushing it.  show

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SleazeStaxxx @ Little 5 Points Arts Alive

What kind of set list is the Sleazestaxxx concocting in this shadowy lair of rock and roll? Find out Saturday 5 May when Band Together and Little Five Arts Alive present TJ, Sacha and the Sleazestaxxx in concert at Findley Plaza, Little Five Points. Showtime 5 – 8 pm! See you there!


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The new Lost in Space

So how’s everyone feeling about the new Lost in Space series coming to Netflix in April?  I’m excited but apprehensive.  The trailer definitely doesn’t have any of the campy element of the original and the move (1998) stunk.  I’m guessing that Parker Posey is going to be the new Dr Smith.  No one could hold a candle to Jonathan Harris, the original Dr Smith.  “The pain….the pain”.

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Killing it at Kavarna


We had a great show and a great time!  Thank you to everyone who came out to see us!  Video footage will be coming shortly.

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Gig Alert!


It’s been a long time since the Staxxx had a public gig, but this one is extra special as it is being produced by our own Kevs! Please come out! We will be debuting some new instant classics!

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Is this a dream?



Oh look. It’s Dungen, the most awesomest psych rock band ever. And they’re wearing SleazeStaxxx shirts.

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