TELE’s Heavy Rotation

DungenAlways.  Forever.  Love them.  This is the 45 cover I have set up in front of my bowflex, so they can watch me, and I can make them proud:


(True Story:  My bff and I hung out with them the night before and the night after this picture was taken.  But whatever, I’m the rock star here.)


Die Antwoord

Zebra Katz (Incidentally, I would jump the fence for Njena Reddd Foxxx)

Bo Hansson

Smoking Spore



Vegan Coke


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SleazeStaxxx, they’re so hot now. SleazeStaxxx.

Mugato knows that SleazeStaxxx is the new face of fashion. We are the evolution from Derelicte. Be really, really dirty with us.

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Yung Puppa

Meet Yung Puppa

Yung Puppa

Yung Puppa

Remember when you were a kid and your parents took you to see a shrink because you were all nervous and twitchy and reminded them of a squirrel? And the shrink asked you questions about your parents but he was all big and had a moustache and smelled like a man so you couldn’t talk? So he pulled out a puppet for you to talk to and you started to warm up so he hid under the desk while you talked to the puppet about your trainwreck of a family life? No? That never happened? Oh well. This is Yung Puppa.

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