The Legend

The SleazeStaxxx is a group that stays at Atlanta and spends their days solving mysteries and their nights spreading their sleaze rock sound to the mammals. Some of the Sleazies come from a peaceful past civilization; the others are from the destructive and rage-filled future. If you are an enemy, the SleazeStaxxx music will melt you from the inside. If you are a friend, you will still be uncomfortable until you embrace the sleaze that resides within you, that resides within us all.  The Sleazies enjoy drinking cheap booze, hanging out in dirty places, fighting, and shakin’ their scaly tails. A shared passion for corrupting the classic hits of the mammals is evident in their sound. They also demonstrate the sleaze with their own personal stories of sex, space, and swearing. This band is more dangerous than Australia.

The SleazeStaxxx are fronted by The East Lake Earthquake (TELE) on vocals and bass. If you still think something is cool, TELE will let you know that it’s over already.  Some believe this is because she is from the future, while others think she is just slightly less lame than you are. Kevs can hypnotize and paralyze filthy mammals with his power lead guitar solos; he likes to play with things a while before annihilation. Enoq the Malevalen uses drums to stun his prey before oozing his sleaze over the helpless victims.  JoJo looks like Grimley from the Lord of the Rings.

The SleazeStaxxx are the group that your grandma warned you about. The SleazeStaxxx are the band that the PSA billboard was about. The SleazeStaxxx are the sleuths that the Mayans predicted would be the alpha and the omega. The SleazeStaxxx stole the toy from your Happy Meal when you were a kid. The SleazeStaxxx use trained baboons to do their dirty work. The SleazeStaxxx are available for your kid’s birthday party, bar mitzvah, or preschool fundraising auction thing.

Run, run and hide, you filthy mammals if you wanna stay alive.  Eyes open wide and screaming in terror. You’d better get inside.  We are the SleazeStaxxx. Our sound will blow your mind. Lost City won’t be the same ‘cuz the SleazeStaxxx have arrived.

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